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Acroyoga is a discipline that blends yoga, partner acrobatics and Thai massage to helps students grow stronger, improve body awareness, and explore creative ways to move while being supported by friends.

Trust, communication and the desire to play are at the base of this practice. In these fun and upbeat classes we are going to explore different aspects of AcroYoga, gearing the classes to your interests and goals. We can focus on beginner-friendly or intermediate acrobatic poses and transitions,  partner counterbalances, therapeutic flying or Thai massage. We will work on laying solid foundations or improve your current form.

I have been studying Acroyoga in the San Francisco Bay Area for more than 7 years and I love helping students develop new skills and learn how to move in new ways they may not know are accessible to them.


AcroFit Fitness and Conditioning Training

AcroFit is a community fitness program designed to develop smart, and functional strength in a safe, fun & progressive environment. You will work individually, in partnership and in groups to build muscles and endurance through body weight exercises and acrobatic training.

Every training is designed to be accessible and adaptable to different levels of practice. Classes consist of a 60 minutes full body training program in 5 segments structured to increase endurance, strength and flexibility. AcroFit additionally assists in creating core stability and integrity around the joints to help correct muscle imbalances and prevent injuries.

This is AcroFit:

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Handstand Technique & Conditioning

During these classes the focus is on acrobatic handstand technique and conditioning.


You will learn how to start your handstand journey or improve your current handstand alignment, technique and conditioning. This 1:1 handstand clinic will give you clear understanding of where you are in your handstand form, how to improve and what to focus on.


We will work on foundations, drills, and tricks to build your own personal practice into handstands, changing the focus from a far­away goal, into an intriguing, ever-changing journey.


Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

This is a strong and invigorating practice, rich in arm balances and inversions, with a focus on strengthening and engaging the student's body first. It's my priority to emphasize and promote awareness of the breath and of the present moment as some of the main pillars of my classes and as the base for the students' self practice.



In these classes, students are led through guided meditation sessions of different types in order to understand what meditation technique works best for them.

Meditation types vary from single point of focus, such as breathing, body sensations, sounds, mantras, etc. to Vipassana meditations, to mindfulness and compassion contemplations.