I’ve had a dozen or so yoga instructors over the years and Davide is right on top of the list. He teaches with compassion, humility, and often humor, and has an uncanny way of providing exactly the cue you need to find your way deeper into a pose. I gave up yoga years ago because I found that it exacerbated my chronic lower back pain, but not so when I practice with Davide; in fact I fell stronger week by week. I attribute this to his deep understanding of proper body alignment, which is unfortunately something that not all yoga instructors possess. I feel very fortunate for the chance meeting that brought me to Davide, and hope that I continue to learn from him for a long time to come.
— Joshua Gargus
My yoga positions are noticeably more stable, including head stands, crow pose and much more. I think it’s great that Davide tunes the class to his audience. The sessions flow beautifully and the next day, I feel like my body has been completely exercised, like every part of my body has been used. And after proper restoration, my body feels rejuvenated. I couldn’t recommend Davide enough. His service is amazing!
— Caro Padilla
Davide is a great yoga teacher with in depth knowledge of asana, breathing and technique. He does a great job of putting you at ease whether you’re a beginner or more advanced. He helps you grow in your practice both spiritually and physically. He has a great flow in his teaching style, showing us new poses and helping everyone achieve new poses they’ve been afraid to try or been stuck on. I sincerely recommend Davide to anyone that wants to explore the path of Yoga and grow as a person. Thank you Davide and Namaste!
— Armann Kojic
I’ve been attending yoga class with Davide once a week. His yoga practice is inspiring and I have learned so many things that have improved my overall health. Davide puts much thought into the poses he chooses and helps us understand the psychology behind them. He has helped me regain confidence about doing upside down positions, which I haven’t done since I was in high school. Davide’s practice helps merge you into poses over time, positioning your body so you can obtain the best benefit. Oh, and his accent is adorable and charming! Yoga with Davide is a wonderful way to spend the evenings and it is now my favorite day of the week. Simply amazing!
— Jocelyn Behrens
Yoga guided by Davide is precisely the kind of Yoga I need. After just one month (just one session per week), I have developed a much more acute awareness of my internal body. I’ve also observed progress in my positions - I can hold positions longer including hand stands, I can stretch further and I’m better balanced. As for life outside of Yoga, my body is noticeably more stable while in motion and my mind is even calmer while stationary. Davide is easily the best Yoga instructor I’ve ever had.”
— Jason Weber
After practicing yoga for a few years with a handful of instructors, I thought I had found the style of practice which was suited to me. A few sessions with Davide completely challenged my previous yoga paradigm, and I now find my practice going in a new and positive direction. I am finding ease in poses which I once considered torture, and moving towards poses I never would have considered possible or enjoyable for my body. Davide does an excellent job with new students as well as practiced yogis. In particular, he takes care to give purpose to each lesson, and acknowledges mental benefits to be gained from the physical aspects of yoga practice.
— Travis Sheppard
Out of all yoga instructors I’ve had (and I’ve had many), Davide is undoubtedly the most effective. In the past I have struggled to be consistent with my yoga practice, and he has completely changed that now. I really look forward to yoga practice on Wednesday nights. One of the things I really like of practicing with Davide is that he emphasizes on doing the poses right, and he guides you through it step by step. He has also helped me test and explore my limits, and practicing with him I am able to do things I never thought I’d be able to do. I really like that he breaks down poses that look daunting into really simple steps that are easy to follow and help you reach new levels in your yoga practice. I definitely see and feel an improvement in myself every single week, I am also really thankful to Davide for introducing me to Acroyoga - although I am fairly new to it, it’s something I really enjoy and I am looking forward to getting better at it with Davide and the rest of the Wednesday evening yoga crew!
— Niddy Seth